Child and Toddler Medical Alert Bracelets

Just as with adults, children and toddlers who suffer from certain health conditions should always wear a medical alert bracelet. Although you may reason that since a child is always with you or a caregiver who should already be aware of any hypersensitivities to food and/or medicines, or who know about the child having some sort of chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, unforeseen events can and do happen.

For instance, what if you and your child were in a car accident, and you were knocked unconscious? Or, what if your child became lost? Children over a certain age may be able to provide critical information, but younger children such as toddlers could not.

These and many other potential scenarios all warrant excellent reasons why children who need them should wear medical alert bracelets. Below youll find a few places to order these bracelets in styles and designs kids will love to wear.

In Style With N-StyleID

N-StyleID ( provides a huge assortment of medical alert bracelets for children, including toddlers. Their Jelly Band style, at $3.95, is lightweight and latex-free, and comes in a large array of fun designs. Some of these include pink or blue bubbles, stars, dolphins, and outer space motifs.

Even bracelets designed to fit the tiny wrists of babies are offered. Ultra-light bracelets can be purchased in many designs (some glow in the dark!) for $18.50, plus kid-sized bracelets are available in stainless steel and also in beaded styles. N-StyleID gives a portion of its sales to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, so when you buy from this online retailer, youll know youre helping other kids, too.

Great Styles at Laurens Hope

Laurens Hope ( features some wonderfully creative medical ID bracelets for kids five and older. You can choose from cotton braid, crystal bead, fiber-optic bead, fun glass, leather bolo, leather braid, natural stone, gold, silver, and many other choices of bands. All incorporate in one way or another the important medical alert symbol tag and most come in sizes that fit wrists five to nine inches around.

Prices vary from inexpensive to costly and with 11 pages from which to choose, its better to visit the site yourself than to attempt to list even a range of prices here.

Classics and Sports Bands at American Medical ID

At American Medical ID (, youll find designs sized just right for infants and toddlers. Classic kids medical alert bracelets come in 14- and 10-karat gold, 10-karat gold filled, sterling silver, and in stainless steel. Prices start at $21.95 for stainless steel and go up to $257.95 for the 14-karat gold bracelets.

Sports band medical alert bracelets ($21.95) for children are also available in an array of solid colors and in designs that include flowers and hearts. Second bracelets (after the purchase of a first bracelet) are offered starting at only $9.95.

Medical alert bracelets should be a high priority on your list of items needed to properly care for your child. Its foolish to take chances and online ordering capabilities make this one item you dont even need to leave home to obtain. So dont wait. If your child needs it, order a medical alert bracelet made especially for him or her today.