Three Wheeled Walkers

A walker is a tool used for additional support or balance for those who have difficulties walking. This may include the elderly, those with a chronic condition, or those who have recently had an accident and need time for healing. There are different kinds of walkers depending upon the user’s extent of needs. A basic variation between them is between the number of wheels they possess. Some are three wheel walkers while some are four wheeled. These walkers are called by different names too like rollators, Zimmer frames, and Bariatric walkers.

There are some things to be considered while looking for a three wheel walker. The make, material and the wheels – all have to be judged.

If the wheels are big, the walker will be easier to push, especially on rough ground. Pick small wheels only if you intend to use the walker indoors, where it will be easier to navigate. Walkers with three wheels provide more room for maneuver. However, three wheels lack in the area of balance. Four wheeled walkers are better in that sense.

Another area to consider is the material of the walker. Walkers come in both steel and aluminum. Steel has more strength, but is heavier. Aluminum is not very sturdy, but is lightweight. Unless the user is particularly heavy, it is best to use aluminum as it is easy to push as well. Also, look for foldable walkers. When you are at home or do not need the walker, you can put it away.

The brakes are crucial in a walker. Brakes must have a locking feature that gives you a firm grip. You can lock and unlock the walker as you need.

There are some additions you make to utilize your walker well and also to be independent. One of them is adding a seat. If you get tired when walking around, you can use this. The seat should be comfortable for the user. The material should not be abrasive or lead to rash. You could include a small back rest as well as arm rests.

A shopping bag or basket would also add to the functionality of the walker. If the walker is your means of getting everywhere, it would be practical to add these features. You can keep your wallets or purses in it, keeping your hands free.

You might not be able to carry your walker everywhere. There maybe compact spaces that do not allow a walker. You will need a walking stick in that case. Therefore, a good idea would be to have a walking stick holder attached to the walker so that you can park the walker and then pull out the stick to go ahead.

Walkers come with adjustable rods and are hence very easy to change according to the user. It is a good idea to check around in a few stores and even the internet before making a purchase. See how using it feels and whether it is suitable for your daily activities. There are several brands in the market today to outfit different ages.