Thermography for Athletes

The science of thermography has been around for a while, but it is finally making its triumphant entry into the world of alternative medicine. It is the art and science that allows a skillful practitioner to capture with a camera where there are damaged tendons, ligaments, pulled muscles and even inflamed nerves. These show up in a high color scan and allow alternative healers to keep a good eye on new injuries but also on healing problems. Athletes in particular greatly benefit from this application in more ways than one.

• First and foremost, considering the young ages of Olympic athletes and those training for competition, the repeated x-rays and also MRIs are sure to be rather detrimental. In some cases parents and also coaches may opt to forego such an exam tool in the hopes of not doing harm to the growing bodies. In so doing, however, they sometimes fail to recognize problems as they are present.

• Thermography may be employed at any time. It allows forward looking coaches to keep a good eye on the ligaments and muscles of their growing stars while also allowing them to really estimate the healing process of injuries sustained.

Thermographic cameras mimic the look and feel of handheld cameras and therefore make them suitable for the supplies an alternative healer carries about. She or he scans heat generation patterns that the athlete emits and as such may inform another healer or even a sports doctor of problem areas that might require surgery.

Sports Injuries

This method of alternative medicine brings about the greatest results when a sports injury is said to only be sometimes a problem. Coaches and athletes work hard to predict when there may be an off day looming on the horizon, but with the help of thermography, their odds greatly improved.

Moreover, when working together with a radiologist, a sports doctor, or other medical professionals, an alternative healer is at the forefront of saving an athlete’s career in more ways than one. No longer do explorative surgeries bench a youngster who might lose a one time shot at Olympic gold or incapacitate a team member when it comes to erring on the side of caution.

In addition, the flipside of this alternative medicine also benefits the coach and the team owners. It may accurately predict if and when an athlete may need to call it quits.

Beginning arthritis in particular may not be pronounced enough to be picked up with other medically available diagnostic tools, but with the use of a thermographic exam, and followed up with an MRI and also x-ray, there is a good chance that the athlete can prepare for a change in profession or even for preventative care much earlier in the game.

This might actually prolong his or her athletic life. In the past, a coach who is too skittish or worried about a team owner or sponsor who wants results and who wants them now might have forced such an athlete to retire early. This left a number of athletic greats by the wayside – even though they still might have had a lot of gold and wins in them.