Therapeutic Massage for Fibromyalgia

Many people suffer from minor pain all the way up to fibromyalgia pain, which is sometimes so severe a patient cannot function in their everyday life. A recorded history on Julius Caesar states he received a daily massage for neurology pain. It may not erase severe pain, but it can make it more tolerable. If it works for major pain, it will help those with minor aches and pains.

Treating fibromyalgia can be frustrating and difficult to control. A patient with fibromyalgia should get moderate exercise and be careful what exercise you do. You should practice relaxation and deep breathing techniques to help relax your body and muscles. A patient suffering from fibromyalgia should also take warm showers and baths and use a heating pad. They also should find a good massage therapist.

Modes of Healing

How will a massage therapist help control symptoms of fibromyalgia? A massage session can increase blood circulation, decrease stress and anxiety, reduce pain and stiffness and increase flexibility and range of motion. A massage may improve sleep patterns and reduce fatigue. Therapeutic massage can also lower cortisol levels, decrease pain, and relieve depression and anxiety. Having a massage every other week gave patients with fibromyalgia less pain, better sleep, and a lower level of substance P levels.

Perhaps you do not suffer from the severe pain of fibromyalgia. Maybe you have a pain in your lower back or problems with a sciatic nerve. Can massage therapy help you? The answer is yes. Many are skeptical at first but go to a massage therapist because they have tried every other method to help their back pain. Many do not know what to expect from a massage, what type of massage they need, or for how long the massage should last. And, where do you find a good massage therapist?

Doctor Recommended

People receiving massage for minor aches and pains have more than doubled in the last few years. Medical health providers are encouraging their patients to have therapeutic massage as well as medical treatment to treat their back. No one is suggesting that a massage replace regular medical treatment, but a qualified doctor could recommend it with medical treatment. Lower back pain is often the result of muscles being tight and unable to relax.

Patients in clinical trials who suffered from back pain showed a marked improvement when given regular therapeutic massages. It also helped to relieve anxiety and depression, and helped the patients have a more restful night of sleep.

Massage therapy increases blood circulation, relaxes muscles and allows for an improved range of motion. It also releases natural endorphins to raise the level in the body. Endorphins are chemicals in your body that make you feel good. Endorphins are an important part of managing any pain.

If you are suffering back pain or a more severe pain, look in your phone book for a certified, accredited massage therapist. If the first one is not compatible with you, search for someone else. You will be glad you found this old way of relieving pain.