The Top 4 Running Belts for Women

When you’re running you don’t want to have to focus on carrying things. This is why a number of runners opt for running belts to hold essential items like keys, ID cards and phones. These belts are designed to stay secure so that you won’t even notice them while you run.

If you could use a belt to help you carry everything, there here’s a guide to 4 of the best:

1) SPIbelt – Small Personal Item Belt: The SPI Belt is by far the most popular option when it comes for minimal running storage items. This belt is not designed for larger items, it’s aimed at those who want a safe place to keep keys, a bit of cash, maybe a card or something else small. It doesn’t bounce around while you run, and it doesn’t look too obvious either. An excellent, affordable choice that comes in a wide range of colors.

2) Nathan 5K Runner’s Waist Pack: This belt is a little bigger than the SPI, meaning you’ll be able to fit a little more in. It stays very tight, meaning that it won’t distract you when you really need to focus on your running. You simply need to spend a few minutes adjusting the straps properly.

3) ASICS Unisex Adult Long Haul 2 Bottle Belt: If you’re going to be running for longer periods of time and need easy access to water then a bottle belt is a good option. It’s obviously not as inconspicuous as the smaller options above, however it’s still small and tight enough not to get in your way. It has a small pocket for your personal items, and two small water bottles fitted into their own specially sized sections so that they won’t fall out but are still easy to access.

4) RunWallet, Grantwood Technology’s Workout Wallet: the runWallet is a little different. The strap is shorter, which means it can either be worn around the arm, or it can be looped around a normal belt – the latter is probably not that useful for runners who don’t plan on running with a belt. It’s still small, secure and easy to carry.

Remember, the best option for you when it comes to choosing a running belt is to find something that you won’t even think about while you’re running. The last thing you need is something rattling around your neck, getting you out of “the zone”.