Despite regular attacks from both the exterior and the inside the body, the majority of people manage to stay healthy for nearly all of their lives, because of the protection provided by various defense mechanisms in our bodies.

When people do become ill, it is usually short-term in the vast majority of cases. Usually our body is able to fight off the infection and heal itself fairly quickly.

Our ability to endure the exposure we receive and the constant attack by external micro-organisms plus internal mutations of bacteria etc which happens every day of our lives depends largely on our Immune System working at an optimum level.

Our Immune System is an assortment of organs, cells and specific structures that distinguish specific invaders (such as bacteria or viruses) and abnormal cells (such as mutations) within our body. They will either endeavor to control or obliterate the threats to our continued health before they can cause harm to our body.

In simple terms, our Immune System is a huge army of microscopic soldiers constantly “on watch” to recognize and protect our body against disease, mutations, and other threats to our health and well being. The Immune System acts like a shield to detect and defeat these invaders.

Our Immune System identifies and differentiates invading bacteria and organisms plus any unusual or cancerous cells from our usual healthy cells via proteins, known as antigens, which are situated on the surface of the cells.

Unique receptors positioned on the immune cells then “lock” on to these antigens. An antigen will only “lock” with a definite cell from the Immune System.

When an antigen and an Immune System cell lock together, the immune reaction begins and the body will go into action to wipe out, eliminate, control, or obstruct the unknown invader or strange cell before it can multiply, duplicate, cause damage, or assault other cells in our body. It’s a very effective system when it’s working correctly.

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