How to Tell your Family You Have Prostate Cancer

There are two things you will go that will be extremely difficult when you have prostate cancer. The first one is hearing the news for the first time yourself. When a doctor starts talking about prostate cancer or cancer in general, people can get very nervous.

Most people think that when you have cancer, you are automatically going to die and quickly. The truth is however that millions of people get treatment survive against the wrath of cancer.

The second most difficult thing you will deal with when you have prostate cancer is telling your family that you have it. For some reason, men have a more difficult time trying to tell their family they have cancer than women.

Don’t Go It Alone

Most men go to the doctor alone and hear the news by themselves, whereas women would be more likely to take family with them to the doctor to hear the news.

Therefore, it can be quite difficult for men to come home with news that they have prostate cancer. Many men even choose to keep it to themselves for several days or even longer, if they are not married.

The reason for this is that men rarely like to show their weaknesses. Although having prostate cancer is not literally a weakness, many men would think of it as one. Try to think of it as a challenge that you are taking on.

Get It Over With Early On

So instead of being open, you may feel like totally closing down and not sharing your news with anyone. The truth is that the sooner they find out, the less anxiety you will have about it. You should just get it over with so you all can start making plans and moving on toward the future.

The best way to do tell your family is after you are equipped with information. You need to know whats going on first. So, ask your doctor for brochures to take home or helpful websites that you can print information off of.

This will help you explain whats going on when you meet with your family. Try to get everyone in your household together to tell them so you wont have to repeat yourself.

Staying Positing

If you can stay positive about it all, your family will be more positive about it. So, try to get everyone to keep a reasonable attitude about it. This will help you emotionally and physically.

When you approach the issue as being something that you will live through and learn from, you will not be as afraid. And truthfully prostate cancer is something to think of as beatable.

In addition, if you can tackle your prostate cancer as a family instead of by yourself, you will notice that you will feel stronger just having the extra man power behind you. So, allow your family to be with you and to strengthen you emotionally.

They may be a little overwhelming at first, but give them time and things will be right back to normal. They will learn to live with your prostate cancer, just as you will!