Tanning Safety Tips

Shaving – Avoid shaving right before applying sunless tanning products to avoid irritation.

Lighten up – For areas you want to protect from getting too dark, pre-apply baby oil (gel or lotion); i.e. knees and elbows, then use sunless tanner.

Streaking – Getting wet too soon after applying sunless tanning products could result in streaks. So wait after applications, at least two hours or so, before swimming or showering, etc.

Orange – To avoid orange hands when applying products, cheap, disposable elbow from a dime or wholesale store are great to use. Regardless of glove wearing, thoroughly wash hands and fingernails after application.

Expunge – Eliminate dead skin via washing or exfoliating before applying tanning products.

Eyewear – For those enjoying a lot of outdoor weather, check into investing in good protective eyewear. Read labels for 100% UV protection. Check with pharmacist or healthcare provider for help selecting appropriate levels for children and yourself.

Babies / Youngsters – Young children can burn more easily because of their thinner skin and melanin development. And remember to not use sunscreen products on those younger than 6 months. So use caution with these babes and older children, too, when out in the sun. Protective clothing and shade are good rules of thumb.

Re-Apply – Don’t forget to reapply sunscreen products, especially after swimming and on children.

Special Tanning Areas

Special Areas – When using self-tanning products with your knees, feet, hands and elbows, either dilute first with a lotion (moisturizer) or use very small amounts when gently rubbing in. Rubbing with a make-up sponge applicator works well for these areas, too.

How-to-Apply – To apply tanning products, begin working on a small area. Gently, in an even manner, rub in the product generously. (Skimping, to make a bottle lotion last all summer, for example, is not a good idea. Instead, go for the protection factor). Reach out to other areas in a swirling, but still gentle and even rub, rather than going in an up-and-down direction. To reach your back, try using a sponge paint roller or sponge paintbrush; a little goes a long way, so slow and steady does it. Do remember to apply protection to: ears, face, lips (lip balms), neck, shoulders, nose and other small areas.

When-to-Apply – Start sun tanning product applications 30 minutes before you head outdoors. Then re-apply every two to three hours (or after you’re wet – showering, swimming, sweating, etc.)

Waterproof – Forget about only applying this once. Still re-apply. It wears off in water / sweat, etc. over time (after an hour or so). So use caution, especially with children using this type product, and re-apply.

Fabric Stains – Caution when using sunscreen agents that list padimate O, lisadimate, aminobenzoic acid or roxadimate in the ingredients. These may cause discoloration, staining fabrics a yellowish hue.

TIME – As you change time zones when traveling, remember to adjust your sun-timing, too, and avoid direct UV contact unprotected during peaks daylight hours. And watch the location change to adjust your clothing, sunscreen products, eyewear and other protective devices. Pack your sunglasses and sunscreen!

Winter – Don’t forget about protection during the cold, winter months, regardless of your location. Make sure to use sunscreen and appropriate eyewear, as UV rays reflect off snow, ice and water, meaning an increased possibility for sunburn.

Limits – Since between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., the rays are strongest, don’t over do over door activities during this time period. Establish some limits for sun exposure during those hours.

Inside / Outside – Remember that when you use sunless or self-tanning products, if they list no sunscreen in their ingredients, you will not be protected from harmful UV rays. And even if you are using a sunscreen, it doesn’t last or work beyond a few hours. So take caution running in and out, and be prepared. Either carry along more sunscreen product to reapply or wear, carry or take protective clothing and gear (hat, sunglasses, etc.)