Tampa Bay Migraine Treatment

If you have migraines you understand what is meant by “migraines are disabling”. The symptoms can hit you in such a way as to put you into a disabling position in which you are unable to function at work, school or at home.

It is said in surveys that approximately 6% of males and 17% of females suffer from migraines. Some individuals are sensitive to bright sunlight and this can become a migraine trigger, as can abrupt shifts in weather, both of which are a staple of South Florida.

Luckily, getting treatment in the Tampa Bay area is not difficult. Most doctors agree that migraines are neurological in nature, and many neurologists specialize in migraine and headache treatments.

The Tampa Pain Relief Center and neurologist Dr. William Hammesfahr in Clearwater are both good places to start.

University South Florida Medical Clinic‎ has a good neurology department and there is a specialized Headache and Chronic Pain Clinic.

Tampa General also has a neurosciences department although they do not offer any specialized headache clinic.

But if you can travel some, you can take advantage of one of the countrys best healthcare organizations. The Mayo Clinic, in Jacksonville offers world class care for those with migraines.

To the south, the Palm Beach Neurological Group‎ and Palm Beach Neurological Center are also good options for second opinions.

Pain Management

Individuals who suffer from migraines have had at their disposal many new pain management techniques that were not available previously. An appointment with a Tampa Bay healthcare professional can put you on the path to being able to take advantage of migraine treatment plans.

There is still no cure for migraines, so that hasn’t changed but those who suffer from migraines can now receive better pain relief and new treatments that can help them to manage the migraines better.

Medications can be administered that can reduce the frequency of migraines or stop the pain from a migraine once it has started. There are also many self-help home remedies available as well as some helpful lifestyle change suggestions that migraine sufferers may also benefit from when they make the appointment with a healthcare professional.

If you are not sure if what you are experiencing is a migraine or not below you will find some typical migraine symptoms.

Not all migraines have the same symptoms but the typical migraine may have some or all of the following symptoms:

    • Pain that is usually confined to one side of the head, which is moderate to severe in intensity

    • Head Pain that is throbbing or pulsating in quality

    • When the individual is physically active the pain worsens

    • The pain is disabling and the individual is unable to participate in activities that they normally do on a daily basis

    • Nausea is a typical symptoms that can accompany vomiting but at other times is occurs without vomiting

    • An extreme sensitivity to sound, light or both

If no treatment happens, the migraine can last anywhere from a few hours to 72 hours in duration.

As stated earlier, not all migraines are the same even for the same individual. They can vary by symptoms or by intensity of the pain and also by how long they last. The pain can shift location or character.