white matter

You may be one of those people with white spots on the brain. They don’t spare healthy people, but sick individuals may be more vulnerable. If you smoke, the risk increases even more. You don’t notice them too much unless your doctor has you get into an MRI machine. Then you can see them, scars… Read more

Six weeks after drinking cessation, there are still changes in the white matter of the brain, a neuroimaging study has found. Although the harmful effects of alcohol on the brain are widely known, the structural changes observed are very heterogeneous. In addition, diagnostic markers are lacking to characterize brain damage induced by alcohol, especially at… Read more

More than half of cancer survivors suffer from cognitive impairment from chemotherapy that lingers for months or years after the cancer is gone. In a new study explaining the cellular mechanisms behind this condition, scientists at the Stanford University School of Medicine have demonstrated that a widely used chemotherapy drug, methotrexate, causes a complex set… Read more

A new subtype of multiple sclerosis, called myelocortical MS, has been discovered by researchers at Cleveland Clinic. Multiple sclerosis (MS) has long been characterized as a disease of the brain’s white matter, where immune cells destroy myelin — the fatty protective covering on nerve cells. The destruction of myelin (called demyelination) was believed to be… Read more

The brain can be repaired, and brain function can be recovered, after a stroke in animals, UCLA researchers showed in a new study. The finding could have important implications for treating a condition known as a white matter stroke, a major cause of dementia. Senior author of the study Dr. Thomas Carmichael, professor of neurology… Read more