weight training

We all know exercise is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle, and most will agree kids should be doing more of it. However, a recent study found while parents are positive about their children engaging in aerobic activities (running, playing sports), they have much more negative views when it comes to strength exercises. But… Read more

Building strength and muscle tone is important for activity in any sport, and golf is no exception. Endurance training for stamina, like aerobic exercise, is important to be able to perform your best right up until the last hole on the course. But, another aspect that is just as important is training with weights to… Read more

Kettlebell classes can be found in just about any big city, and some smaller areas, too. As with any fitness class, you’re going to find instructors who suit your needs, those that are too advanced, and some who fall behind what your body is capable of handling. You can find kettlebell classes that are just… Read more

Matrix training is a unique form of weight training exercise that was created by Dr. Ronald Laura nearly three decades ago. More current exercise instructors, such as Kathy Smith, are also claiming to have developed the Matrix method of exercise. In each case the goal of the exercise is the same. When we normally exercise… Read more

“Where there is no struggle, there is no strength” ~Oprah Winfrey Most people associate building more muscle with getting bigger or “bulky”, but the two are different. What many women desire is achieving a more toned look, a look where muscles are defined, but not drastically larger. In many cases, it involves reducing body fat… Read more