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Deep Predictive AI Uncovers What The Visual Cortex Likes Most

Opening the eyes provides an instant visual perception of the world — and it seems effortless. But the process that starts with photons hitting the retina and ends with ‘seeing’ is far from simple. The brain’s fundamental task in ‘seeing’ is to reconstruct relevant information about the world from the light that hits the eyes. […]

Our Brains Walk A Fine Line For Maximum Performance

To maximize information processing, the brain tunes itself to be as excitable as possible without tipping into disorder, new research[1] confirms. Researchers long wondered how the billions of independent neurons in the brain come together to reliably build a biological machine that easily beats the most advanced computers. All of those tiny interactions appear to […]

Default Mode Network May Contain A Universal Code For Aesthetics

Using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to monitor subjects’ brain activity as they were shown images of art, architecture or natural landscapes, researchers have found that in the visual parts of the brain, different types of images led to very different patterns of activity, even across images all judged by subjects to be aesthetically pleasing[1]. […]

How The Brain Processes The External World Using Overlapping Visual Circuits

A new study from Salk Institute researchers demonstrates that there are neurons that respond selectively to particular combinations of color and shape. “New genetic sensors and imaging technologies have allowed us to more thoroughly test the link between visual circuits that process color and shape. These findings provide valuable insight about how visual circuits are […]

How Extraneous Neural Background Noise Interrupts Focused Attention

Scientists have long theorized that attention to a particular object can alter perception by amplifying certain neuronal activity and suppressing the activity of other neurons (brain “noise”). Now, researchers from the Salk Institute have confirmed this theory by showing how too much background noise from neurons can interrupt focused attention and cause the brain to […]