vagus nerve

Migraine patients may exhibit a systemic pathophysiological alteration, according to a recently published clinical investigation. The study, was conducted by Dr. Willebrordus PJ van Oosterhout, from Leiden University Medical Centre Department of Neurology. Nitroglycerin (NTG) is a potent vasodilator and is known to induce migraine attacks in migraine patients. Because of its vasodilating properties, NTG… Read more

A new study offers a more accurate model in which to test treatments that could prevent or halt Parkinson’s disease progression. In experiments in mice, Johns Hopkins Medicine researchers report they found additional evidence that Parkinson’s disease originates among cells in the gut and travels up the body’s neurons to the brain. “These findings provide… Read more

The answer to how your brain knows when you’ve had enough to drink and can stop feeling thirsty may have been found in a new UC San Francisco study. Until recently, scientists believed that a brain region called the hypothalamus makes us thirsty when it detects a drop in the hydration of our blood. But… Read more

A novel gut-to-brain neural circuit establishes the vagus nerve as an essential component of the brain system that regulates reward and motivation, research from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai indicates. The study provides a concrete link between visceral organs and brain function, especially in regards to reward, and may help to inform… Read more

Vagus nerve stimulation, paired with a physical therapy task, doubles long-term recovery rate relative to current therapy methods, new rodent research indicates. The study, from researchers at The University of Texas at Dallas, demonstrates a method to accelerate motor skill recovery after a stroke by helping the brain reorganize itself more quickly. A clinical trial… Read more