Using a new strategy that can rapidly generate customized RNA vaccines, MIT researchers have devised a new vaccine candidate for the Zika virus. The vaccine consists of strands of genetic material known as messenger RNA, which are packaged into a nanoparticle that delivers the RNA into cells. Once inside cells, the RNA is translated into… Read more

Nearly one year after the Ebola outbreak in west Africa’s official end, final results from one of the only vaccine trials for the virus are now in, and they look quite promising. An international group of researchers associated with the World Health Organization reports the vaccine is 100 percent effective at preventing Ebola when given… Read more

One quarter of parents believe vaccines are safer now than they thought a year ago, and a third are more supportive of school and daycare immunization requirements, a new poll has found. The shift in views occurred over the same time period that multiple outbreaks of measles and whooping cough made headlines nationwide. In May… Read more

The structure of a human monoclonal antibody which, strongly neutralizes a type of the potentially lethal dengue virus in an animal model has been determined by researchers at Vanderbilt University and the National University of Singapore. The finding could pave the way to the first effective therapies and vaccines against dengue. Dengue fever is a… Read more

For children younger than five years of age, supplementing oral vaccine with a shot of inactivated poliovirus vaccine substantially boosts intestinal immunity to the crippling poliovirus.