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People With Less Power Tend To Be More Trusting

People in low-power situations are significantly more trusting of more powerful people than vice versa, new research shows. The reason appears to be that low-power people are more hopeful about their exchange partners and want them to be more benevolent. The researchers tested competing predictions in four different studies about how having low vs. high […]

8 Keys to Rewarding Relationships

All successful relationships have common characteristics. This is true whether the relationship is romantic, work-related, casual, or familial. Relationships are more stable and satisfying when all parties are on the same page. Communication is always a key element of healthy relationships, but there are additional important factors. Practice these ideas in all of your relationships: […]

Intergenerational Estrangement Based On Values, Not Societal Norms

What causes mothers and adult children to part ways? Iowa Stae University researchers wanted to find out. Results of their study suggest violations of societal norms, such as substance abuse, don’t cause the rift, but rather differences in core values. Lead author Megan Gilligan, assistant professor of human development and family studies at Iowa State […]

One Surprising Trait that Develops as We Age

Hollywood has laden moviegoers with many classic portrayals of stereotypical Grumpy Old Men. But new research suggests that getting older doesn’t necessarily make people cynical and suspicious. In fact, trust tends to increase as people age, a development that can be beneficial for well-being, according to two new large-scale studies by researchers at Northwestern University […]