tropical diseases

Medical tourism refers to people leaving their own country to seek medical treatment abroad. They are typically treated as private patients and the costs are fully paid by the patient. Many treatments and cosmetic procedures are available at a much lower cost than in the USA. In fact, because cosmetic plastic surgery procedures aren’t covered… Read more

Using a new strategy that can rapidly generate customized RNA vaccines, MIT researchers have devised a new vaccine candidate for the Zika virus. The vaccine consists of strands of genetic material known as messenger RNA, which are packaged into a nanoparticle that delivers the RNA into cells. Once inside cells, the RNA is translated into… Read more

The World Health Organization declared in November that Zika was no longer a public health emergency of international concern. That doesn’t mean concern over Zika is over, but now that a link between Zika and microcephaly has been established, it is viewed as a long-term problem, which requires constant attention. While researchers have concluded that… Read more

The top malaria treatment currently in use, called ART, is not as effective as it once was. Experts recently confirmed ART-resistant malaria in Southeast Asia. Now researchers are testing a hybrid drug that killed malaria strains grown in the laboratory as well as malaria parasites from patients in Thailand who were resistant to artemisinin combination… Read more

Every year as mosquito season arrives, West Nile virus causes fever in thousands of people and life-threatening brain infections in an unlucky few. About half the people who survive that infection, West Nile encephalitis, are left with permanent neurological deficits such as memory loss. New research shows that these long-term neurological problems may be due… Read more