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Telomere Molecular Structure Impacts Telomere Health

An important discovery in telomere biology has been made by a team of Australian scientists, with implications for conditions ranging from cancer to ageing and heart disease. Telomeres are DNA segments at the ends of every human chromosome. As we age, telomere length naturally decreases. Over the course of a lifetime, telomere shortening instructs ageing […]

Rejuvenating Progeria Cells With Telomerase mRNA

A surprising discovery leading to the development of technology with the ability to rejuvenate human cells has been made by researchers at Houston Methodist Research Institute. The findings have important implications for the small population of children who are aging too quickly – children with progeria. John P. Cooke, M.D., Ph.D., department chair of cardiovascular […]

Longer Telomeres Protect Against Age-related Cardiac Disease

An essential mechanism that protects mice from developing a human disease of aging, and begins to elucidate the wide spectrum of disease severity often seen in humans, has been uncovered by scientists at the Gladstone Institutes. Both involve the role of telomeres, protective caps on the ends of chromosomes which deteriorate with age. The erosion […]

Insufficient Exercise May Accelerate Telomere Shortening

Elderly women who sit for more than 10 hours a day with low physical activity have cells that are biologically older by eight years compared to women who are less sedentary, University California San Diego School of Medicine researchers report. The study found that elderly women with less than 40 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity […]