New research identifies cellular processes that appear to supercharge both growth and shrinkage of telomeres — the chemical “caps” on chromosomes associated with aging. The work, which focused on two enzymes in yeast, could lead to new insights on stopping runaway cellular growth in cancer tumors and the treatment of premature aging disorders such as… Read more

Patient-derived glioblastoma cells with telomerase reverse transcriptase (TERT) promoter mutations depend on a particular form of a protein called GABP for their survival, UC San Francisco researchers have discovered. The finding reveals how a mutation in the gene regulator – the third most common mutation among all human cancers and the most common mutation in… Read more

It’s seven in the morning on the beach in Santa Monica, California. The low sun glints off the waves and the clouds are still golden from the dawn. The view stretches out over thousands of miles of Pacific Ocean. In the distance, white villas of wealthy Los Angeles residents dot the Hollywood hills. Here by… Read more