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Major Surgery Associated With Small, Long Term Decline In Brain Functioning

Major surgery is associated with a small long-term decline in cognitive functioning — equivalent, on average, to less than five months of natural brain ageing, according to a study in The British Medical Journal. But the odds of substantial cognitive decline also increase after surgery — approximately doubling — although the likelihood of this is […]

Cell Inoculation Could Prepare The Body To Welcome A Transplanted Organ

It is now achievable to train a transplant recipient’s immune system to accept transplanted cells and organs without the long-term use of anti-rejection drugs, scientists at University of Minnesota have shown. In a pre-clinical study, researchers at the University of Minnesota Medical School‘s Department of Surgery and Schulze Diabetes Institute, collaborating with colleagues at Northwestern […]

Imaging System Helps Surgeons Remove Tiny Ovarian Tumors

Ovarian cancer is usually diagnosed only after it has reached an advanced stage, with many tumors spread throughout the abdomen. Most patients undergo surgery to remove as many of these tumors as possible, but because some are so small and widespread, it is difficult to eradicate all of them. Researchers at MIT, working with surgeons […]