New data from a distant galaxy suggests a puzzling stellar phenomenon may not be what astronomers have long believed. Researchers looked at a binary star system called NGC 300 X-1, nestled within a far-flung galaxy in the constellation Sculptor. Beginning in 2007, scientists reported that this system of two stars appeared to be a rare… Read more

A link between a very long-lasting burst of gamma rays and an unusually bright supernova explosion has been found, with the help of observations from ESO’s La Silla and Paranal Observatories in Chile. Unexpectedly, the findings demonstrate that the supernova was not powered by radioactive decay, but rather was driven by decaying super-strong magnetic fields… Read more

Crisp images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope have disclosed that three Type Ia supernovae first discovered several years ago exploded in the dark emptiness of intergalactic space. These supernovae exploded after being expelled from their home galaxies millions or billions of years earlier. Usually, supernovae are observed within galaxies having hundreds of billions of… Read more