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Why Strength Training Might Come At The Expense Of Endurance Muscles

The neurotransmitter brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) is produced by the muscle and acts on both muscles and synapses, researchers at the University of Basel’s Biozentrum have found. In their recent work, Prof. Christoph Handschin’s research group at the Biozentrum closely studied strength muscles and the myokine BDNF, which plays an important role in the formation […]

Muscle Supplements Linked To Cancer Risk

A new study links taking muscle-building supplements, such as pills and powders with creatine or androstenedione, with an increased risk of testicular cancer. Moreover, says study senior author Tongzhang Zheng, the associated testicular germ cell cancer risk was especially high among men who started using supplements before age 25, those who used multiple supplements, and […]