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What Your Friends’ Brains Look Like When They Think About You

The brain activity patterns found in your friends’ brains when they consider your personality traits may be remarkably similar to what is found in your’s when you think of yourself, a new study suggests[1]. Those same friends will have a different brain activity pattern when they think of someone else in your group — and […]

Growing Up In Poverty Doubles Risk Of Later Psychosis Disorder

Growing up in an impoverished urban neighborhood more than doubles your chances over the average person of developing a psychosis-spectrum disorder by middle adulthood, a new study indicates. Researchers, who followed nearly 4,000 families for more than three decades, say the results suggest that intervention through social policies and investment in neighborhood improvements, as well […]

Infants Are Able To Detect Relationships In Colaughter

Infants as young as five months can differentiate laughter between friends and laughs strangers share, a new study reports. The findings suggest that the ability to detect the nature of social relationships shows up early in human infancy, possibly the result of a detection system that uses vocal cues. “Infants’ sensitivity to different kinds of […]