seizure disorders

Researchers have discovered why a mutated gene causes seizures in some children who have autism. One third of children who have autism spectrum disorder also have epilepsy. It is related to a gene that is mutated in patients with autism. But scientists didn’t know why the mutation causes seizures. The new discovery shows the mutation… Read more

A mechanism that explains how even relatively infrequent seizures can lead to long-lasting cognitive deficits in animal models has been uncovered by scientists at Baylor College of Medicine. A more thorough understanding of this mechanism may lead to future strategies for reducing cognitive deficits in Alzheimer’s disease and other conditions associated with seizures, such as… Read more

Researchers at University of Rochester Medical Center (UMRC) have identified a new genetic mutation at the heart of a severe and potentially deadly seizure disorder found in infants and young children. The finding may help scientists decode the complex biological mechanism behind these diseases. Said lead author Alex Paciorkowski, M.D., an assistant professor of Neurology… Read more