The first example of a bioelectronic medicine has been developed by researchers. It is an implantable, biodegradable wireless device that speeds nerve regeneration and improves the healing of a damaged nerve. The collaborators — materials scientists and engineers at Northwestern University and neurosurgeons at Washington University School of Medicine — developed a device that delivers… Read more

Patients with chronic sciatica – back pain that shoots down the leg – have evidence of inflammation in key areas of the nervous system, a study by Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) investigators has found, for the first time in humans. The researchers found that average levels of a marker of neuroinflammation were elevated in both… Read more

The term sciatica is used to describe symptoms of leg pain and tingling or weakness that travels from the low back, through the buttocks and down the large nerve in the back of the leg. The majority of people who suffer from sciatica will usually get better with time. They find there is no need… Read more