quantum physics

A team of scientists from the University of Chicago and the Pennsylvania State University have accidentally discovered a new way of using light to draw and erase quantum-mechanical circuits in a unique class of materials called topological insulators. In contrast to using advanced nanofabrication facilities based on chemical processing of materials, this flexible technique allows… Read more

Can the passage of time be measured precisely, always and everywhere? The answer will upset many watchmakers. A team of physicists from the universities of Warsaw and Nottingham have just shown that when we are dealing with very large accelerations, no clock will actually be able to show the real passage of time, known as… Read more

You might remember them from your physics lessons at school: often represented as colourful clouds or balloons, electron orbitals provide information on the whereabouts of the electrons in atoms and molecules. Scientists from the University of Graz, Forschungszentrum Jülich, and the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt have now succeeded in experimentally recording these structures in all three dimensions… Read more

What are the properties of the vacuum, the absolute nothingness? So far, physicists have assumed that it is impossible to directly access the characteristics of the ground state of empty space. Now, a team of physicists led by Prof. Alfred Leitenstorfer at the University of Konstanz in Germany has succeeded in doing just that. They… Read more

New research shows that germanium defects in a diamond crystal lattice act as a reliable source for single photons. The results provide a promising new route to building components for quantum cryptography and biomarkers. Pure diamonds are naturally colorless, but gaps in the crystal structure or impurities of other elements can create colors and even… Read more