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Positrons Are Plentiful In Ultra-intense Laser Blasts

A new recipe for using intense lasers to create positrons, the antiparticle of electrons, in record numbers and density, has been found by physicists from Rice University and the University of Texas at Austin. In a series of experiments, the researchers used UT’s Texas Petawatt Laser to make large number of positrons by blasting tiny […]

To Test Effects Of Gravity On Quantum Entanglement, We Need To Go To Space

There is an up-and-coming set of technologies that uses the strange properties of atomic particles predicted by the theory of quantum mechanics, which is the physics of the very small stuff. This technology promises to bring us computers that are faster than all the machines we have ever produced before put together, as well as […]

X-ray Vision For Road Diggers: The Next Quantum Leap?

Quantum mechanics has been hailed as the next big thing in technology. And quantum computers are a media favourite. But there is a little-known quantum technology that can peer beneath the earth, which could be ready before the quantum computing revolution comes about. These technologies makes use of the counter-intuitive consequences of quantum mechanics – […]