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Racism may result in tolls related to premature biological aging among African Americans, indicates a study led by Auburn University. African Americans who reported more racial discrimination over a 10-year period showed signs of faster aging at the cellular level during the same time frame. “One of the factors that can lead to more rapid… Read more

Physical illness and injury raises the risk of suicide in men but not women, along with a plethora of other insights into the complex factors that may increase a person’s risk of suicide, a new study led by Boston University School of Public Health (BUSPH) researchers indicates. The study is the first to use data… Read more

HEALDSBURG, Calif. — Farm laborers in yellow safety vests walked through neatly arranged rows of grapes Friday, harvesting the last of the deep purple bundles that hung from the vines, even as the sky behind them was dark with soot. Over the hill just behind them, firetrucks and first responders raced back and forth from… Read more

Individuals with mental disorders have a life expectancy up to a decade shorter than the general population, University of Queensland researchers reveal in a joint international study[1]. The findings provide new insights into how disorders such as depression, anxiety and substance use affect an individual’s general health. “This is the first time we have measured… Read more

Young teens who spend more time with TV and electronic devices drink more sugared or caffeinated drinks than their peers, indicates a a study of U.S. teens led by researchers from McMaster University. The results are concerning because many of these teenagers exceed recommended levels of both sugar and caffeine. “There is a trend towards… Read more