Cannabidiol (CBD) alters the brain activity in people with psychosis during memory tasks, making it more similar to the activation seen in people without psychosis during the same tasks, researchers from King’s College London report. “Our study provides important insight into which areas of the brain CBD targets. It is the first time research has… Read more

An individual structural mutation has been linked to the underlying biology of psychosis and treatment response in a new study. The work also found that treatment of psychosis can be targeted to a specific genetic mutation in patients with psychotic disorders. Genetic mutations that have large effects on psychiatric disease risk are rare, with some… Read more

Growing up in an impoverished urban neighborhood more than doubles your chances over the average person of developing a psychosis-spectrum disorder by middle adulthood, a new study indicates. Researchers, who followed nearly 4,000 families for more than three decades, say the results suggest that intervention through social policies and investment in neighborhood improvements, as well… Read more