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Acetaminophen In Pregnancy Linked To Higher Risk Of ADHD, Autism

Exposure to acetaminophen during pregnancy may raise a child’s risk for attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder and autism spectrum disorder, suggests a study from Johns Hopkins University. Researchers analyzed data from the Boston Birth Cohort, a long-term study of factors influencing pregnancy and child development. They collected umbilical cord blood from 996 births and measured the amount […]

Stress During Pregnancy May Affect Baby’s Sex

The types of physical and psychological stress that may matter most during pregnancy have been identified in new research by researchers at Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons and NewYork-Presbyterian[1]. The study suggested that pregnant women experiencing physical and psychological stress are less likely to have a boy. “The womb is an influential […]

Prenatal Stress Could Affect Development Of Baby’s Brain

Maternal stress before and during pregnancy could affect a baby’s brain development, research from King’s College London has found. MRC Doctoral Researcher in Perinatal Imaging and Health, Alexandra Lautarescu and Head of Advanced Neuroimaging, Professor Serena Counsell, for the first time looked at the relationship between maternal stress and brain development in 251 premature babies. […]

Childhood Behavior Linked To Taking Acetaminophen In Pregnancy

An association between paracetamol intake and hyperactivity and attention problems has been identified in a new study. The research investigated if there were any effects of taking paracetamol in mid-pregnancy and the behaviour of the offspring between the ages of 6 month and 11 years, with memory and IQ tested up until the age of […]

To Justify Using Weed, Pregnant Women Cling to an Old and Dubious Study

Social media users extol — and health experts decry — a 25-year-old study from Jamaica suggesting cannabis use poses no harm to fetal development. Fifty years ago this summer, Melanie Dreher, a registered nurse and young graduate student in anthropology, landed in rural Jamaica to study how people there were using cannabis. It was the same […]