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To Justify Using Weed, Pregnant Women Cling to an Old and Dubious Study

Social media users extol — and health experts decry — a 25-year-old study from Jamaica suggesting cannabis use poses no harm to fetal development. Fifty years ago this summer, Melanie Dreher, a registered nurse and young graduate student in anthropology, landed in rural Jamaica to study how people there were using cannabis. It was the same […]

HIV Antiretroviral Therapies During Pregnancy Don’t Harm Child’s Brain

HIV therapies have little effect on a baby’s brain development, according to a new study of women who took antiretroviral therapies for HIV while pregnant or nursing. An almost certain death sentence 30 years ago, having HIV today has lost its fatal sting. In just over 20 years, the development of antiretroviral therapies, or ART, […]