Being optimistic about a future event may lead you to remember it more positively after it’s over, findings from new research indicate. “Our results suggest that imagining an upcoming event can essentially ‘color’ your memory for that event once it comes to pass. Research has shown that healthy adults tend to have an unrealistically favorable… Read more

Nobody likes to think about lying on their death bed. From health anxiety to midlife crises, it seems like thoughts about ageing and death can often unleash some level of neurosis. But is that the whole story? We have examined mortality awareness – the realization that we are all one day going to die –… Read more

Many people have probably heard the term “positive psychology”, but know little about what it means in practice. Positive psychology aims to find ways to make life better for people, and ensure they’re the most mentally healthy person they can be. Officially established in 1998, positive psychology is a relative new field. It has quickly… Read more

Ever feel like other people’s negativity is bringing you down? In my experience, most days we are exposed to the whole spectrum of situations. Some, we perceive as positive, others neutral, and others negative. If the unpleasant ones seem to be the majority in your life, it’s great to know that you can do something… Read more