It is conventional medical wisdom that placebo effects depend on patients’ belief they are getting pharmacologically active medication. A recent paper is the first to demonstrate that patients who knowingly took a placebo in conjunction with traditional treatment for lower back pain saw more improvement than those given traditional treatment alone. Joint senior author Ted… Read more

The success of placebos in managing chronic pain may be why so many clinical trials for drugs to treat pain fail, a new study suggests. For a new study, researchers analyzed the results of 84 clinical trials of drugs conducted around the world from 1990 to 2013. Over that period, the pain inhibition experienced by… Read more

The placebo effect has helped to ease symptoms of illness for centuries and have been a fundamental component of clinical research to test new drug therapies for more than 70 years. But why some people respond to placebos and others do not remains unclear. With the arrival of genomics, researchers are learning that placebo responses… Read more