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What Parts Of The Brain Make People’s Personalities Unique?

Personality is a broad term describing how people habitually relate to the world and their inner self. After the developmental period through childhood and adolescence, these patterns of relating remain reasonably stable through life. They are then referred to as traits and influence behavior, thinking, motivation and emotion. Since everyone is different in their own […]

Temporal Self-Continuity Across The Life Span

Understanding your present self depends not only on thoughts, feelings, and activities, but also on experiences and recollections of the past and the vision of yourself into the future. In other words, it all depends on where you’ve been, and where you’re going. A new study explores how people view themselves over different time spans. […]

Inherent Personality Traits Can Be Disclosed By Movement

A person’s movement can give a novel insight into their inherent personality traits, an innovative new study has shown. The finding could open up new avenues for health professionals to diagnose and treat mental health conditions in the future. A team of experts, including from the University of Exeter, has shown that people who display […]

Distractibility Trait Predisposes Some To Attentional Lapses

People vary according to different personality traits, such as extraversion or conscientiousness, and new research suggests that they also vary according to a particular cognitive trait: distractibility. Says study author Nilli Lavie of University College London: “We all know from personal experience that some people appear to be more prone to lapses of attention than […]