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Mothers’ Behavior Influences Oxytocin Development In Babies

A new mother’s behavior is influenced by her oxytocin levels, and as a result, the bond she makes with her baby. Mothers’ behavior can also have a substantial impact on their children’s developing oxytocin systems, a new epigenetic study[1] by Kathleen Krol and Jessica Connelly from the University of Virginia and Tobias Grossmann from the […]

Hypersexual Disorder May Be Linked To The Hormone Oxytocin

A possible role of the hormone oxytocin in men and women with hypersexual disorder has been revealed in a new study[1]. The finding could potentially open the door to treating the disorder by engineering a way to suppress its activity. Hypersexual disorder, also referred to as sexual addiction[2], or an overactive sex drive, is recognized […]

Oxytocin And Vasopressin Flatten Group Hierarchy

Oxytocin and vasopressin both flatten group hierarchy in male rhesus macaques, resulting in dominant monkeys becoming more relaxed and subordinate monkeys becoming more confident, research from University of Pennsylvania indicates. The result holds even when just one of a pair receives oxytocin or vasopressin, indicating some sort of non-verbal communication between the animals. Oxytocin’s effects […]