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Early And Late Stage hCS-derived Astrocytes Are Functionally Distinct

3-D collections of brain tissue grown from human cells were used to study the brain’s star-shaped astrocytes by a team of scientists. The study, which confirms the lab-grown cells develop at the same rate as those found in human brains, gives insight into a critical aspect of brain development. “This work addresses a significant gap […]

Organelle-localized Self-assembly Of A Peptide Amphiphile

A new method to target the mitochondria of a cancer cell has been developed by researchers affiliated with the Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology(UNIST). The research team expects that their study could pave way for new generation of anti-cancer drugs. In-situ assembly of amphiphilic peptides with accompanying cellular functions inside a living cell […]

Mini-brains Add Evidence Of Zika’s Fetal Cortex Toll

Studying a new type of pinhead-size, lab-grown brain made with technology first suggested by three high school students, Johns Hopkins researchers have confirmed a key way in which Zika virus causes microcephaly and other damage in fetal brains- by infecting specialized stem cells that build its outer layer, the cortex. The lab-grown organoid mini-brains, which […]

Organoids: The Next Revolution In Human Biology Has Begun

University of Melbourne biomedical scientists have joined the latest revolution in treating human diseases by growing tiny, immature organs, known as organoids. These lentil-sized balls of cells, which scientists can grow in a dish, resemble the features of our brains, livers, guts, kidneys, prostates and pancreas, with the list rapidly expanding. Organoids are creating huge […]