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Retina On A Chip A Powerful Tool For Studying Eye Disease

A retina-on-a-chip, which blends living human cells with an artificial tissue-like system, has been developed by scientists in Germany. The cutting-edge tool may provide a useful alternative to existing models for studying eye disease and allow scientists to test the effects of drugs on the retina more efficiently. Many diseases that cause blindness – such […]

First Lab-grown Skin Tissue With Hair Follicles Cultured

The first lab-grown skin tissue complete with hair follicles has been cultured by researchers at Indiana University School of Medicine. The skin model, developed using stem cells from mice, more closely resembles natural hair than existing models and may prove useful for testing drugs, understanding hair growth, and reducing the practice of animal testing. Although […]

Early And Late Stage hCS-derived Astrocytes Are Functionally Distinct

3-D collections of brain tissue grown from human cells were used to study the brain’s star-shaped astrocytes by a team of scientists. The study, which confirms the lab-grown cells develop at the same rate as those found in human brains, gives insight into a critical aspect of brain development. “This work addresses a significant gap […]