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Control Of Optogenetic Neurons With Coherent Light Pulses

Specially crafted, ultrafast pulses of light can trigger neurons to fire, and could someday help patients with light-sensitive circadian or mood problems, a new study from the University of Illinois reports. Chemists have used such carefully crafted light beams, called coherent control, to regulate chemical reactions, but this study is the first demonstration of using […]

Localized Opsin Enables Single Neuron Optogenetics

A new optogenetic technique that carves light to target individual cells bearing engineered light-sensitive molecules has been developed by researchers at MIT and Paris Descartes University. The advance allows individual neurons to be precisely stimulated. Until now, it has been challenging to use optogenetics to target single cells with such precise control over both the […]

Silencing Infralimbic Cortex Neurons Suppresses Cocaine Craving

The infralimbic cortex, a region of the brain that controls addictive behavior, can be reprogrammed to ease lab rats’ cocaine urges, research from University of Iowa has found. The finding could help users kick the habit with the help of drugs that target the infralimbic cortex – or with improved behavioral treatment for substance addiction […]