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Cracking The Code Of Sonic Hedgehog Medulloblastoma

One of the most common brain cancers in children, Sonic Hedgehog (SHH) medulloblastoma, also is one of the more survivable for most kids. Unfortunately, for a subset of patients the cancer resists treatment and relapses with a vengeance to then turn deadly. Researchers at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center used a powerful new computer-assisted technology […]

Trojan Horse Chemotherapeutics Disguise Themselves As Fat

A new stealth drug-delivery method that disguises anti-cancer drugs as fat in order to outsmart, penetrate and destroy tumors has been developed by scientists. Thinking the drugs are tasty fats, tumors invite the drug inside. Once there, the targeted drug activates, immediately suppressing tumor growth. The drug also is lower in toxicity than current chemotherapy […]

Synthetic Metal–Organic Molecular Knots Potential New Anti-Cancer Category

The biological activity of five new, metal-organic hybrid knotted molecules, termed metal-organic trefoil knots (M-TKs), has been developed and studied by researchers from NYU Abu Dhabi (NYUAD). These molecules can effectively deliver metals to cancer cells, demonstrating the potential to act as a new category of anti-cancer agents. These nanoscale, water-soluble M-TKs showed high potency […]