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A Healthier Diet May Directly Reduce Depression

Young adults with depression whose diet is usually unhealthy showed significantly fewer symptoms of depression after eating a healthy diet for three weeks, according to a study by Dr. Heather Francis from Macquarie University, and colleagues[1]. While much research has shown that eating a healthy diet rich in fruit, vegetables, fish, and lean meat is […]

Guide to Nutrition for Yoga

A true “Yogic Diet” is based on Ahimsa, which is a concept that means that no harm should ever come to a conscious living being. Therefore, a true “yogic diet” will be vegan. That is certainly an option, but, for the purpose of this publication we will discuss food and overall nutrition as it contributes […]

Heart Disease Biomarker Linked To Paleo Diet

People who follow the paleo diet have twice the amount of a key blood biomarker linked closely to heart disease, the world’s first major study examining the impact of the diet on gut bacteria has found. Researchers from Edith Cowan University (ECU) compared 44 people on the diet with 47 following a traditional Australian diet. […]

Broccoli Sprout Compound May Restore Brain Chemistry Imbalance Linked To Schizophrenia

A set of chemical imbalances in the brains of people with schizophrenia related to the chemical glutamate has been elucidated by Johns Hopkins Medicine researchers in recently published studies using animals and people. They have also dicovered how to regulate the levels using a compound derived from broccoli sprouts. The results advance the hope that […]