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Prefrontal Cortex Stimulation Induces Wake-like Behavior

Prefrontal cortex cholinergic stimulation causes wake-like behavior in anesthetized rats, researchers in the University of Michigan Medical School Center for Consciousness Science report. In the search for what controls our overall level of consciousness, researchers have traditionally focused on structures in the lower part of the brain. These structures include the brainstem (which regulates vital […]

Presynaptic Calcium Storage Malfunction Leads To Brain Hyperactivity

An important mechanism behind the neural hyperactivity observed in mice with Alzheimer’s has been explained by researchers at the University of Tübingen. At the contact points between nerve cells, there is a malfunction in the intracellular calcium storage which is needed for signal transfer. As a result, too many signal chemicals (neurotransmitters) are released into […]

Neurotransmission Defects Associated With Thorase Variants

Rare genetic variations in a protein called Thorase, responsible for breaking down receptors at the connections between neurons in the brain, have been identified by researchers at Johns Hopkins Medicine. By targeting Thorase’s function, the scientists say they have reversed anti-social behavior in mice genetically modified to carry the variants by using the anti-epilepsy drug […]

Glutamate Binds To AMPA Receptors By Following Preferential Pathways

An atomic scale map that tracks how the signaling chemical glutamate binds to a neuron in the brain has been created by scientists at Johns Hopkins, using supercomputers. The findings shed light on the dynamic physics of the chemical’s pathway, as well as the speed of nerve cell communications. It’s long been known that brain […]