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Researchers Identify Key Proteins For The Repair Of Nerve Fibers

A group of proteins that help to regenerate damaged nerve cells has been identified by scientists at the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases (DZNE). It is commonly accepted that neurons of the central nervous system shut down their ability to grow when they no longer need it; this occurs normally after they have found their […]

A Clock-Like Neuron That Predicts Perception By Rhythmicity

A new type of cell that keeps time so regularly that it may serve as the brain’s long-hypothesized clock or metronome has been identified by Brown University neuroscientists. This type of neuron spikes rhythmically, and in a synchronized manner, independent of external sensations, said Chris Moore, a professor of neuroscience at Brown and the associate […]

Single Neurons Require Sleep To Perform Nuclear Maintenance

Researchers at Bar-Ilan University in Israel report a novel and unexpected function of sleep that they believe could explain how sleep and sleep disturbances affect brain performance, aging and various brain disorders. Using 3-D time-lapse imaging techniques in live zebrafish, the researchers were able to define sleep in single-chromosome resolution, and show for the first […]

Tunneling Nanotube Structure In Neuronal Cells Revealed

Cells communicate with one another much like humans do. This allows organs to work synchronously, which in turn enables them to perform a remarkable range of tasks. One such means of communication is via tunneling nanotubes (TNTs). In a recently published article, researchers from the Institut Pasteur led by Chiara Zurzolo used advanced imaging techniques […]