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New Technologies For The Brain Require Ethical Approaches To Innovation

Brain technologies are all the rage these days. Entrepreneurs are selling wearable devices in the open marketplace with claims of benefits to memory, attention and concentration. Neurosurgeons and psychiatrists are exploring new ways and further developing old invasive ones to intervene in the brains of people with major mental illnesses whose conditions are resistant to […]

Neurofeedback Learning Alters Alpha Spindle Incidence Rate

Experiments to find out what a person actually controls when tasked with independently affecting the activity of their own brain have been conducted by researchers in Russia. The results may contribute to non-pharmacological methods for treating epilepsy, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and depression. The human brain is always electrically active. Neurons exchange information using very short electrical […]

Cognitive Neurostimulation May Improve Self Motivation

Our own volition powers us through our innumerable daily tasks, though there are larger incentives at work. Could we lead healthier, more productive lives if we could learn to control the parts of our brain most essential to volition? Using a new brain imaging strategy, Duke University scientists have now taken a first step in […]

Insomnia Treatment With Brain Training Instead of Medication

Absent-mindedness, dark circles around the eyes, tired limbs; most people are all too with familiar the effects on the body of a short night. In fact, says Manuel Schabus, from the University of Salzburg: “Roughly one-third of the Austrian population as a whole suffers from recurrent insomnia.” For years, the psychologist has been studying a […]

Enhancing Empathy Brain Patterns Using Functional Brain Imaging

Unique new research has demonstrated for the first time that it is possible to train brain patterns associated with empathic feelings; more specifically, tenderness. The research, from a group of neuroscientists supported by Foundation for Research Support in the State of Rio de Janeiro, showed that volunteers who received neurofeedback about their own brain activity […]