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Insights Into Autism From The Protein Modulator ASTN2

The protein astrotactin-2 (ASTN2) helps move proteins away from the outer membrane of neurons in a timely fashion, Rockefeller scientist Mary E. Hatten and research associate Hourinaz Behesti show in a new study. The researchers also propose a mechanism by which the protein defects lead to neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism and intellectual disabilities. Neurons […]

Neuron Resynchronization Suppresses Hyperactivity And Memory Deficit In Schizophrenia

Researchers at the University of Geneva (UNIGE) have deciphered a cellular mechanism leading to the desynchronization of neural networks, and corrected this organizational defect in an adult schizophrenia animal model, thereby suppressing abnormal behaviours associated with the condition. The findings show that a therapeutic intervention is possible at all ages. Schizophrenia, an often severe and […]

A Dimmer Switch For Rett Syndrome Symptoms Treatment

Using a small molecule that works like the dimmer switch in an electrical circuit, researchers at Vanderbilt University have relieved symptoms of Rett syndrome in a mouse model. The finding provides further evidence that it may be possible one day to develop a drug to treat the rare neurodevelopmental disorder, which occurs predominantly in females. […]