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Narcissism Dwindles As We Get Older

Narcissism is more likely to decline as a person ages, together with vanity, leadership, and entitlement, a new study[1] suggests. “Past work has supported the argument that people tend to mature over time by showing that they generally become more conscientious, agreeable, and emotionally stable—less anxious and depressed—from young adulthood to middle age. Our findings […]

How Positions Of Power Inflate Narcissism

Endowing people with social power inflates the socially-toxic components of narcissism called exploitation and entitlement, according to new research. Until now, the assumption was that narcissists tended to clinch powerful positions for themselves. However, recent research suggests that power itself may create narcissists. “Narcissists can feel a sense of entitlement — they expect and demand […]

The Difference Between Narcissism And Self-esteem

Narcissists feel superior to others but aren’t necessarily satisfied with themselves. After reviewing the research literature, Universiteit van Amsterdam (UVA) researcher Eddie Brummelman and his colleagues conclude that narcissism and self-esteem are much more distinct than conventional wisdom has led us to believe. Despite the widely held view among psychologists that narcissists have an inflated, […]