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These Nanoscale Protein Power Lines Are Made By Microbes

Very small fibers made by a bacteria have the unique property of transporting charges at speeds of 1 billion electrons per second. The fibers are hair-like protein filaments called pili. Says Gemma Reguera, lead author and Michigan State University microbiologist: “This microbial nanowire is made of but a single peptide subunit. Being made of protein, […]

First Circularly Polarized Light Detector On A Silicon Chip

Invention of the first integrated circularly polarized light detector on a silicon chip opens the door for development of small, portable sensors that could expand the use of polarized light for drug screening, surveillance, optical communications and quantum computing, among other potential applications. The new detector was developed by a team of Vanderbilt University engineers […]

Plasmonics: Revolutionizing Light-based Technologies Via Electron Oscillations In Metals

For centuries, artists mixed silver and gold powder with glass to fabricate colorful windows to decorate buildings. The results were impressive, but they didn’t have a scientific reason for how these ingredients together made stained glass. In the early 20th century, the physicist Gustav Mie figured out that the color of a metal nanoparticle is […]