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Nanoparticles Target Reactive Oxygen In Parkinson’s Disease

A set of nanoparticles for Parkinson’s disease treatment has been developed by researchers at the Institute for Basic Science (IBS) in South Korea. Tested in mice, this represents the first biomedical application of nanoparticles in the clearance of reactive oxygen by-products in Parkinson’s, and gives new hints of therapeutic targets. In the future, the system […]

Magnetic Kyphoplasty Bone Cement Delivers Targeted Drugs

By adding magnetic particles to surgical cement used to heal spinal fractures, magnetic nanoparticles could be guided directly to lesions near the fractures, researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago report. Nanoparticles bound to various drugs have been used to target drugs to specific locations or types of cells in the body. Most commonly, […]

Nanotechnology Improves Alzheimer’s Disease Drug Delivery

The effective treatment of Alzheimer’s disease has been relatively stunted, with most drugs only treating symptoms with relatively low success. Advancements in biomaterials and regenerative medicine technologies are offering novel ways of improving drug delivery to affected regions of the brain with a controlled release of drugs. A research group from the University of Barcelona […]

Nanoparticles May Damage DNA Of Developing Neurons

When cellular barriers are exposed to metal nanoparticles, cellular messengers are released that may cause damage to the DNA of developing brain cells, new research by scientists shows. The discovery, from scientists at Trinity College and the University of Bristol, may have implications for the development of potential drug targets in the treatment of neurodegenerative […]

Konjac Wound Dressing Kills Bacteria While Accelerating Healing

Researchers in China have recently developed a new wound dressing that has the ability to improve the healing of open wounds. The group developed the dressing using an extract from konjac, a plant native to eastern Asia, and incorporated silver nanoparticles within it. When tested in rabbits, the researchers found that the dressing accelerated healing […]