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Inter-individual Variance In Cerebellar Functional Networks Exceeds Cortex

Overlooking the cerebellum is a mistake, researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis say. Their recent findings suggest that the cerebellum has a hand in every aspect of higher brain functions — not just movement, but attention, thinking, planning and decision-making. Located inconveniently on the underside of the brain and initially thought […]

A Brain Noise-cancelling Circuit For Sounds Related To Movement

To ensure that a mouse hears the sounds of an approaching cat better than it hears the sounds its own footsteps make, the mouse’s brain has a built-in noise-cancelling circuit. The new findings come from an array of difficult experiments, including a “mouse virtual reality” setup. It’s a direct connection from the motor cortex of […]

Pallidum Theta Waves Associated With Dystonia Symptoms

In patients with the movement disorder known as dystonia, a particular pattern of brain activity is linked to both the severity of symptoms and the clinical outcomes achieved through deep brain stimulation, researchers from Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin have shown. The findings may help to adapt treatment to individual patient needs. Dystonia affects more than 500,000 […]