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Suppression Of Incongruous Directional Signals Prevents Axon Misguidance

Motor neurons receive a multitude of cues to successfully navigate to their destinations in the body, report Salk Institute scientists. “There are 100 trillion connections in the nervous system governed by 20,000 genes, of which roughly 10 gene families are known to be involved in controlling axon guidance. We wanted to understand the clever genetic […]

Neurons Derived From ALS Patients Display Hypo-excitability

Using a new method to measure electrical activity in cells, Northwestern Medicine scientists have discovered that some neurons affected by amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) display hypo-excitability. “The excitability changes observed in these patient neurons most likely represent the early steps in the disease process. The fact that these changes are detectable in stem cell-derived neurons […]

Motor Cortex Synchronicity Levels Influenced By Proximity & Social Status

Scientists have previously shown that when one animal watches another performing a motor task, such as reaching for food, so-called mirror neurons in the motor cortex of the observer’s brain start firing as though the observer were also reaching for food. New research from Duke University suggests mirroring in monkeys is also influenced by social factors, […]