Motivation, rather than habit, drives addictive behaviour in the face of adverse consequences and constantly changing circumstances, new research from the University of Michigan and The Open University in England suggests. Researchers investigated how male rats solved increasingly challenging puzzles to receive a cocaine reward. The idea here is different from other studies in which… Read more

The ominous behaviors that often precede violent acts, such as stalking, bullying, and possibly sexual aggression, are tied to a distinct part of the hypothalamus, the brain region that also controls body temperature, hunger, and sleep in mammals, new research shows. The structure is anatomically known as the ventrolateral part of the ventromedial hypothalamus, or… Read more

Our own volition powers us through our innumerable daily tasks, though there are larger incentives at work. Could we lead healthier, more productive lives if we could learn to control the parts of our brain most essential to volition? Using a new brain imaging strategy, Duke University scientists have now taken a first step in… Read more

Intrinsic motivation can help you live better and accomplish more. You can choose to learn how to take more satisfaction in everything you do rather than depending solely on external motivators. These 15 intrinsic motivation factors will help you to set your own course and live a fuller life. Select Meaningful Activities 1. Identify flow… Read more

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