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Apathy Is A Biomarker Of Huntington’s Disease Progression

Alterations in the connectivity of cerebral white matter associated with the diverse nature of apathy in Huntington’s disease have been identified by researchers[1]. The finding suggest a potential use of this syndrome as a biomarker of disease progression, and may lead to personalized treatments for apathy as a multidimensional syndrome in other neurodegenerative disorders. “Our […]

Nociceptin Neurons Become Active Before Loss Of Motivation

What happens when we give up? Inside the brain, a group of cells known as nociceptin neurons get very active before a mouse’s breakpoint. They emit nociceptin, a complex molecule that suppresses dopamine, a chemical largely associated with motivation. The findings offer new insight into the complex world of motivation and reward. The nociceptin neurons […]

Dopamine Neurons Drive Cue Response Via Circuit-specific Signals

Dopamine neurons regulate response conditioning through circuit-specific motivational signals to shape cue-controlled behaviors, new research from the University of Minnesota suggests. University of Minnesota Medical School neuroscientist Benjamin Saunders, Ph.D., used a Pavlovian model of conditioning to see if turning on a light — a simple cue — just before dopamine neurons were activated could […]

Motivation Not Habit May Drive Addiction Behaviour

Motivation, rather than habit, drives addictive behaviour in the face of adverse consequences and constantly changing circumstances, new research from the University of Michigan and The Open University in England suggests. Researchers investigated how male rats solved increasingly challenging puzzles to receive a cocaine reward. The idea here is different from other studies in which […]