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Mindful Body Awareness Training Helps Prevent Drug Addiction Relapse

A new kind of body awareness training helps women recover from drug addiction, new research from the University of Washington indicates. The women made marked improvements, and many of those improvements lasted for more than a year, the researchers report. “We could teach this intervention successfully in eight weeks to a very distressed population, and […]

Mindfulness Meditation May Help Keep Lost Weight Off

A review of studies investigating the effect of mindfulness-based interventions on weight loss and obesity related eating behaviours found that the practice has the potential to help keep lost weight from coming back. Mindfulness draws on the ancient practice of meditation by training people to become more aware of the present moment while not getting […]

Cognitive Mental Training Reduces Social Stress, Alters Brain Structure

Meditation is said to be beneficial for well-being. The ancient wisdom behind the concept has been supported by scientific studies focusing on the practice of mindfulness. But the words “mindfulness” and “meditation” denote a variety of mental training techniques that aim at the cultivation of various different competencies. In other words, despite growing interest in […]

Mindfulness May Not Improve Mood As Well For Men

Mindfulness courses have less effect on the attitudes and emotions of men than on those of women, new research suggests. The finding, the authors say, should call more attention to considering gender as a potential factor in assessing mindfulness efficacy. In a study of a scholarly course on mindfulness that also included meditation labs, researchers […]

9 Ways To Overcome Negative Thoughts And Think Positively

Negative thoughts are like a cancer to your spirit. They slowly eat away at you until there isn’t enough left to support your hopes and dreams. Negative thoughts are damaging because they affect everything that comes afterwards. This includes your decisions, goals, actions, and results. Negative thinking can impact every area of your life. It […]